Nejios Stormfin

Level 8 Undine Storm Druid


(Under Construction)


Nejios Stormfin discovered his bond with nature, specifically with winds and storms, after a massive lightning storm, uncommon for his area, destroyed his home village when he was a young adult. Miraculously he survived, and after realizing that there was nothing left for him at his old home, gathered his belongings, including a magical ring and heirloom spear that had been passed through his family for generations.

In the nearly twenty years since then, Nejios has traveled across the islands of Acquios, honing his druidic powers and searching for the cause of that freak storm, and ways to mitigate future damage. Nejios believes that in order to prevent future calamities, him and his people must learn to live in harmony with it, and is seeking ways to reach this goal.

Many of Nejios’s friends and family died in the storm that destroyed his village. His uncle, Quiwios Stormfin currently owns a river trading company that runs barges delivering ………………..

Eventually, Nejios hopes gather what remains of his kin, and more of his kind to recolonize his ancestral homelands, and form a new great Undine culture.

Nejios Stormfin

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